UM-Dearborn Engineering Lab Building opens

Photo of the Engineering Lab on the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus.

The new Engineering Lab Building (ELB) at UM-Dearborn was completed in February 2021. It is now the home of the engineering and computer science programs, which have seen explosive growth in the past decade. The new ELB features 45 instructional and research labs in core disciplines like mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as emerging subjects like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, bioengineering and game design.

The $90 million project consisted of approximately 57,000 square feet of renovation and 66,000 square feet of new building construction. Huge windows were added to flood the building with natural light. Glass interior walls let visitors see directly into many labs, as the work is happening. Its 2,400-square-foot atrium, which features a 29-foot digital display, is now the largest campus gathering space at UM-Dearborn outside of the Fieldhouse.

The building also features several informal gathering spaces for students, something which was lacking in the old ELB. Movable furniture and LED displays in these spaces allow groups to quickly set-up, plug-in and share ideas. Classrooms are also easily reconfigurable for either lecture or small-group formats and are wired with video capture technology, so faculty can easily record material for hybrid and online courses.